White label corporate wellness programme

Project Details

UI Design, UX, Gamification, Illustration

I worked with Novacroft to develop the concept for Ucando-it focusing upon the following areas:

  • Gamification mechanic
  • Digital Brand
  • Storyboarding and promotional video
  • Badge designs
  • User interface wireframes

I worked closely with another designer, Ian Rotea, who went on to own and develop the brand further doing an excellent job.

Fundamentally Ucando-it aims to address key national issue such as absenteeism and wellbeing in the workplace. The concept is to encourage employees to get active by rewarding them for getting active!

Ucando-it is a measurable employee reward and recognition programme using layers of gamification (Leaderboards, Adventure maps, Badges) to engage the user and lead them towards achievable and enticing rewards. It is a white label scheme which has been trialled with several large multinationals in the UK.

The result of this is a happy and healthier workforce. Wellbeing in the workplace matters!

Gamification concept sketches
Gamification concept sketches

Gamification Mechanics

We constructed a gamification mechanic to encourage usage of the scheme. Multiple adventure maps were created for running and walking with target checkpoints (1km, 2km, 5km etc for a running map). Users’ phones can measure the step count and distance covered which contributed towards these targets. Adventure points could also be collected by committing to weekly exercise goals, volunteering and attending company events.

Attached to these checkpoints are adventure points which can be used to purchase real world rewards and also these points are aligned to a ranking badge. Ranking badges we identified as sought after collectables for children especially and could be worn as a real world badge! Leaderboards were also used as a mechanism to encourage healthy competition between specific company groups.

Ucando-it gamification levels document
Ucando-it gamification explanation document


Ucando-it encourages uses to get active to improve wellbeing and happiness levels within a company and the wider community as a whole. I was responsible for the the concept of the responsive website and the gamification concept/mechanics as well as the UX and UI design.

Ucando-it programmes can be tailored to address national and local priorities and problems as well as the unique challenges of individual organisations, by encouraging and rewarding certain behaviours and activities among target groups of people, from cycling and walking to volunteering, learning and recycling, and using public transport. The initial pilot was built for Virgin Trains.


Ranking badges based on children’s drawings and naming

Around the world, wellbeing is taking centre stage in policy-making and the measurement of national success. Supported by a proliferation of research revealing the positive outcomes of wellbeing in areas such as health, work and productivity, prosocial behaviour and volunteering, promoting wellbeing is also now being seen as a route to other outcomes for a strong society and economy.

Annie Quick, Saamah Abdallah
The Centre for Wellbeing,  The New Economics Foundation

Ucando-it homepage desktop & mobile

Core Tasks

Detailed below were the core tasks for the project:

Introduction to Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) and their role. Understand the key objections raised in the CRE research. Understand our current 3 big split tests from a design perspective in terms of the amount of research data we are trying to incorporate:

  1. Book a free valuation page
  2. Homepage
  3. What makes us different

Suggestions (supported by designs) of how to specifically achieve 3a, 3b and 3c above as well as general principles of how to incorporate (potentially) large amounts of “test” information into the website. General overview of the entire website. Suggestions (supported by designs) of how to improve the website. Our website is responsive and therefore all considerations need to be in respect of desktop, tablet and mobile.

Home screens for Desktop & Mobile

Ucando-it can be tailored to help councils, commerce and the third sector work together to rise to specific local and regional challenges and to cost-effectively generate data providing greater clarity on community views and consumer behaviour.
Debra Charles, Novacroft CEO

Admin wireframe sketches, Ranking badge concept sketches & Marked up wireframe from feedback session

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