A CPD app for NHS staff

Project Details

App design, Branding, Concept

I worked with CITE agency in Leicester to produce two key sections of the NHS DDOD app.

  1. The CPD (Continual Professional Development) Tool
  2. Assess your capability

The app offers tools and guidance to help organisational development practitioners in the NHS. It is the first national resource for organisational development (OD) practitioners in the NHS.

The aim of DDOD was to enable effective culture change within the NHS. We were tasked with taking a macro view of a big concept and refining it into a rich visual mobile experience.

Kick off meeting scamps and notes

Feedback from OD community

After initial feedback sessions to help define the app, the following were to be areas of focus.

  • This would be a helpful offer
  • It frames the narrative about OD development in a positive way
  • Development should be part of my day job but I’m too busy to take the time to find what’s available
  • This would help me think about my own development and where I might need some growth
  • Help us work out where to go to find things, how do I connect with them.
  • This would make the path more visible
  • A tool like this would raise the credibility of OD and give a more system-wide approach
  • It will help us understand what it means to be an OD practitioner
NHS DDoD Brand building blocks

Brand Identity Development

The mechanic of the flower is comprised entirely from the shape of one person multiplied seven times. I also used the shapes created from this negative space to form other parts of the identity. I wanted the brand to be precise and defined in it’s structure evoking the feelings of simplicity and order. 

The people holding hand represent teamwork and unity. Working together to create a greater system (the flower). The flower also represents growth and development. The people have their arms raised to represent the joy which growth brings.

NHS DDoD CPD Brand Ident
CPD User Flow

Establishing a Brand

The aim of the DDOD resource is to help practitioners to navigate and plan their professional development, highlighting the various options available. This is in response to multiple requests we have received from NHS staff to simplify and give easy access to the types of development opportunities available.

CPD Wireframes
Mobile Screens
Brand Asset samples

We were helped enormously by the designers being able to translate complex theoretical concepts into a simple, accessible and vibrant tool. We hope it will help to make the NHS even better for patients and staff.
Paul Taylor and Karen Dumain
Project Leads – Do OD

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