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Kingdom Encounter is a ministry that seeks to build a platform for the presence and glory of God.


Kingdom Encounter Ministries
Web design, Branding, Print, Pull-up Banners, Merchandise, Social Media graphics

Kingdom Encounter is a ministry that seeks to build a platform for the presence and glory of God. Their mission is to see lives encounter Jesus and to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I’ve had the privilege to work on the brand from its origin and look forward to developing it further into the future.

Brand Development iterations & Brand identity (Minimal)
From sketch to painting to brand identity
Kingdom Encounter Brand identity Web.
Kingdom Encounter Brand identity (detailed)

Brand Identity Development

I helped to create the ministries brand from scratch. The logo design was inspired by a piece of artwork which was given to the ministry. I translated this using Adobe Illustrator iterating the shape until I was happy with it. In 2019, it became clear we needed a version of the logo which would work more effectively as a small icon and also on clothing and merchandise. 

So we redefined the brand reducing its complexity so it is more distinct and works well at a smaller scale. I did this by removing smaller details and highlighting / grouping core areas.

KE19 Brand Realignment
Brian Guerin speaking at Kingdom Encounter 2019 event
Kingdom Encounter Hoodie
Kingdom Encounter Cap

Establishing a Brand

The website was based on a WordPress template which our web developer modified.

The purpose of the website was to create an online platform for those following the ministry to receive information on upcoming events, make prayer requests, donations (one-off or tithes). Kingdom Encounter is a relatively new ministry so it was important to establish a consistency in the brand. I did this by focusing around core brand elements, colours and fonts and tone of voice.

The ministry carries excellence in all it does so we worked through several iterations in the beginning to ensure the details were taken care of. I worked closely with David Harris (KE Founder) & Devin Kolliari (Freelance web developer) throughout this process.

Kingdom Encounter Website screens
Kingdom Encounter Mobile
Mobile Screens
Brand Asset samples
Photos from the Kingdom Encounter 2019 end of year event

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