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Copella is a British fruit juice company based in Boxford, Suffolk.

Project Details

Copella Fruit Juices
Website Design, Core Creative

Copella is a British fruit juice company based in Boxford, Suffolk. It was founded in 1969. Copella juices are made from 100% pure pressed apples. The brand is now owned by Tropicana. 

Copella’s main objectives were to increase household penetration amongst their target demographic, increase consumer engagement, expand the database, and increase their social media presence. I was responsible for the website and core creative design which was then utilised throughout all marketing channels.

The Copella logo
An apple from Boxford Farm, Suffolk

Brand Identity Development

I immersed myself in the Copella brand and product from the very outset. Moving away from the duplicated web, I endeavoured to be informed by the English apple and Boxford farm. David Bellamy was used to hero the plant and protect campaign which was a campaign to try and save the endangered English apple. We encouraged our users to do this by planting and registering their own apple trees, learning more about the English apple, and of course, sampling the delights of Copella apple juice. The Plant and Protect ran a national campaign which also included TV adverts and Copella events.

Homepage, Juices product page and Take Action page

The Copella website is as visually appetising as its juice is tasty, with a pallette of greens, beiges and plums, large format photography and a smattering of naive graphics, reminiscent of innocent. It’s difficult to have content around an FMCG brand without it becoming mundane, but Copella has made efforts to address this, tying up with causes including The National Trust’s drive to protect the English apple tree.
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Inner pages of the Copella website

Copella’s yearly objective was to increase household penetration amongst the target demographic and increase consumer engagement.
Copella Objectives Statement

David Bellamy championed the Plant & Protect campaign

Environmental campaigner David Bellamy’s association with the brand flies the flag for conservation. Other information, including a local Boxford blog (where the orchards are) and YouTube video content, emphasises product provenance and adds weight to brand kudos. In terms of usability, the site couldn’t be easier, with dropdown lists from a menu across the top of the homepage. There are also some nice “did you know” and quiz type interactions to keep you on the site.
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