Token Club

Athletico Token Club is a series of Hand-drawn Art NFTs.
They are all unique 1 of 1 collectibles.


Pinch Art

Project Vision

My vision was to create a minimal art style which I could produce artwork at a relatively speedy rate. The football memorabilia and collectables market is huge and I wanted to gather learnings from the space as a whole as I became a creator who then would invest back by becoming a collector in other football related collections. We built an internal community of football art creators and would often support each others collections as we were working together to grow the NFT space as a whole. I wanted to reach the football community worldwide and be led by the feedback from the community concerning the types of content and art which they would like to see.


Brand Development iterations & Brand identity (Minimal)
ATC Rewards

Brand Identity Development

I worked with Astro_0 on my not Project Athletic Token Club. He was tasked with converting my flat artwork of hand-drawnfootball player PFP’s into 3D with a Corinthian / Powerpodz look & feel. He did an excellent job of re-creating my artwork into 3D and captured what I had hoped for beautifully with a high attention to detail. The artwork was still true to the originals but also distinct and unique. These characters will have the potential to be developed into full body characters which function in the Metaverse.

Art Style & Techniques
The art style used a bespoke vintage colour palette and used photographic reference images. The style takes on a comic book character feel with the eyes being inspired by Janne Livonen. I would use lines to make reference points and begin to draw freehand around these reference points.

ATC 3D Players
Player scarcities & supply.
Zidane Volley (CL Final Glasgow 2002) – Event based artwork.
ATC Trending on Opensea

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